How to put up Posters on your Wall without making Holes or using Glue


Maybe we have all been there; you rented a place where the owner or management is too uptight, and you will be penalized for making holes in the walls. These restrictions are quite common in dorms and students hall or residence; and what good is a home (as temporary as it may be) without some personal touch?

One of the best ways to personalize your ‘cave’ is by putting up posters on your walls. Who said to put up posters you must make holes and use glues? You will have to agree with me, when you put holes and use glues to put up posters, the day you remove them, the walls is going to be ugly.

Well, there is an innovative way of having your posters up without making holes or using sticky glues. This simple DIY-trick will need you to have the following equipment:

Paper clips


Small magnet


Take your poster and put it up on the wall to get the measurements; the distance from edge to edge; both along the width, and height.

Based on those measurements above, take a paper clip, put it up against the wall, and run tape over it sticking it to the wall. Make sure you stick the paper clip within the measurements of the poster. You will need to do the same for all the four corners of your poster.

Take your poster, and put it over the paper clip.Next take your magnet and put it on the four corners, making sure it lies over the paper clips on the four corners of your poster.

Next, take your magnet and put it on the four corners, making sure it lies over the paper clips on the four corners of your poster.

Needless to say, this trick is limited to lightweight small posters. If you want to hang those really big posters that are heavy. You will need stronger magnets and tape to put over the paper clip. Alternatively, you could try putting the magnet over paper clip combination in more places; say around the four corners and two right in the middle; at the top and bottom.

Now go yee, and pimp up that room. If (when) the owner ask, show them how it does not damage their wall by simply taking off the magnet and peel the tape adhering to the wall. Should be easy as ABC. You could use one of those decorative magnets people put on their refrigerators; choose colors and shapes that will complement your posters colors and not stick out like a sore thumb.

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