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PuTTY: The Best Software for Network Admins to Automate Tasks and Troubleshoot Problems

by Fahad Saleem

Network administration and maintaining tech of organizations is a daunting task. System administrators, database administrators and network junkies are hungry for tools which could automate their tasks. Meet PuTTY, an amazing diagnostics and troubleshooting tool which helps network admins find out problems and solve them. PuTTY is a Telnet/SSH client that can easily run over different types of networks.

One of the best features of PuTTY is session management, using which you can save and load store configurations that can connect to a variety of devices.  PuTTY will eliminate the need of configuring every device manually. Just make a routine and run it for different devices.

PuTTY also lets you print extensive logging options and data. This is especially useful for those network admins who have to send documents and details for vendor service calls for advanced diagnostics.

PuTTY takes care of all the security of data and information over networks.  It creates private key files, applies encryption automatically and use other security measures to make sure data integrity and security. Maintaining network security is a huge task for network administrators. PuTTY automates this task and drastically saves time and costs. PuTTY has its own Simple File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). This protocol is used to keep the connections encrypted, transfer and receive files, download and upload saved configurations and firmware updates.

PuTTY can help you connect with AIX / Unix machines in an efficient way. It is easy to use and you can integrate it easily with WinSCP.

Some negatives of PuTTy include the inability to have multiple sessions in a tabbed environment. Some users have also reported that responses from PuTTy in SSH applications are really slow.

PuTTY is a free, open source tool for Windows. This software supports cross platform communication to and from Mac OS, Linux and Unix.


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