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QR Code Bitcoin = Helps you Pay Anywhere in the World


The web is full of information and cryptocurrencies, because they are relatively new, have a large number of terms that can overwhelm us if we do not take the time to read and analyze, choosing terminologies that in one way or another can be repetitive.

Without a doubt, a term that is NEW AND VERY IMPORTANT is the QR code and whose meaning is a quick response code, which is nothing more than a storage system through a dot matrix or a two-dimensional barcode, its creators hope for your content to be viewed at high speed, this type of code is very common in Japan.

To have access to the QR code it is necessary to have a smartphone that has a camera and specific QR code reader software, they are also easy to create, not knowing how to handle the QR code can make you fall into malicious sites that may even contain viruses and even your personal data and confidential information are hacked. For more information, you can visit here .

There are a variety of applications that allow the free generation of your bitcoin QR code, which stores your Bitcoin address that contains around 34 characters. Some of the QR code generator applications are: QR Code Tiger, Visualead, Wix QR Generator, Kaywa QR Code, Flowcode, QR Code Chimp,, Shopify, QR Creator,, QR Stuff, QR Code Monkey, Egoditor.

QR codes are becoming a necessity for companies of all kinds and it is there where we find that a large number of services and products can be paid through these QR codes and also making use of BITCOIN as a digital currency, completely displacing the intervention of the traditional banking in the operations of purchase and sale of goods and services worldwide.

At present we can acquire endless goods and even make payments for services that a few years ago we thought would be impossible to do. If we go back we can find that the first transaction carried out with BITCOINS was the purchase of two pizzas at PAPA JHON’S, paying the price of BTC 10,000 and that in current money they had a price of more or less USD $ 30 this operation gave way to a wave of establishments that began to join to receive BITCOIN as a form of payment.

What goods and services can we buy with bitcoins? To answer this question, we can make a small list of all those goods and services that have been linked to carry out purchase and sale transactions with cryptocurrencies.

You can get countless companies that receive BITCOINS to pay for travel, leisure, and free time either to take a vacation trip or cultural visits to a specific place, if you are a video game fan you can also use BITCOINS to pay for them, for another Part of it is the digital stores, the large online stores do not want to be left out of the digital transformation and the general public that can access through the use of BITCOINS, you can also buy GIFT CARDS, technology, and computer items, organizations nonprofit.

Among the advantages highlighted by the owners of small businesses such as restaurants, travel agencies, and service providers, in relation to the use of the QR BITCOIN CODE FOR THE PAYMENT OF GOODS AND SERVICES, are the simplicity of the operation and the attraction of new clients.

Recently, before the vertiginous increase of transactions carried out with BITCOINS, new means of payments in addition to the qr code have begun to emerge, such as cards, virtual wallets, and even e-commerce, associating themselves with solutions that are linked to cryptocurrencies.

Every day that passes in our world, technology takes giant steps to offer a diversity of financial tools that make our lives easier, more comfortable, dynamic, and of course faster, adapting to the requirements of our society. The COVID 19 pandemic significantly boosted all digital commerce strategies that emerged in response to the confinement and protection of people who needed to purchase goods and services, but from the comfort of their homes to avoid being infected with such a terrible disease.

Every advance that technology offers us, we must take advantage of it.

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