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QuickTime Video Recording and Rendering (Guide)

QuickTime Video Recording and Rendering (Guide)

The trend of video capturing and editing, is commonly observed these days, especially with the kind of smartphones, tablets, and laptops we use these days. The tools for editing videos used to be quite costly some years ago. However, QuickTime player for PC and Mac provides you wonderful options for rendering videos for free. It provides high quality videos without annoying watermarks. This article provides you the guide for installing and using QuickTime X for your video editing purposes.

How to Record Videos with QuickTime X

Simply go to the file menus and then click on the “New Movie Recording”. It will show a menu containing a red record button. Give it some time for initializing the camera. You can easily start recording when the recorder begins streaming video from your camera.

The same principles can be applied for

audio recording. You can also employ the option of “New Screen Recording” and record screencast as long as your storage space allows. When you click on the option, you will see the record button present in the menu bar. If you click anywhere on the screen, the whole screen will be recorded. If you want to record only a part of your screen, drag your mouse across the area
and record. Pressing the Stop button on the menu bar, stops recording videos. The recorded video will be launched in QuickTime. You can also employ Screen Replay which is also powerful and light, although screen selection is not included in it.

How to Edit Videos with QuickTime

Open your target videos in QuickTime. Click on the Edit option in the menu bar and choose Trim. You will observe the yellow bar highlighting the whole video. Drag the yellow region to the area that you want to keep and then click Trim. Now, the area outside the yellow bar will be removed.


You can also split videos using “Split” option in the Edit menu. You can split the videos in as many parts as you wish.

You can also share your edited videos with your friends.

In short, QuickTime player is a great tool for editing videos for free.

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