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QwickNote: Gesture-Based Note Taking Android App with Other Basic Features

by Fahad Saleem

 QwickNote: Gesture-Based Note Taking Android App with Other Basic Features

You would have tried plenty of notes related apps on your smartphones, but have you ever heard of gesture-based note taking app? QwickNote brings this interesting feature to your smartphone in the form of an Android app. It covers all the fundamentals also that you expect from a note taking app. It is free, ad-supported app that supports voice and photo based notes in addition to gesture-based features. It syncs to Dropbox also. It also allows you to create lists, set reminders or alarms for your notes, add check boxes for your lists, manipulate the text size, and much more.

Once you have installed the app, swipe right to bring up the options. You need to tap the plus button for the simple text-based note, the list button for creating the list, the camera button for using the pictures, and the mic to save and record the voice memo. The notes can be easily sorted into folders. You can swipe left to make new folders or switch between them.

As soon as you tap, hold, and swipe the note to the right, you will see the options for setting the reminder for the note, making it as a favorite, copying the text etc. You can copy the notes to a folder, share with others. You can also attach files on your device with your notes.

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The settings of the app can be easily accessed from the gear button on the left sidebar. You can easily customize the appearance of notes down to the text size and color. You can also set up sync with Dropbox and also with Google Tasks. The notes can be sorted by date, and you can set the app to open a new note everytime for editing when you launch the app. It supports portrait as well as landscape modes, but you can easily lock it so that it will override settings of your device.

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The app also color codes the notes that you tag as important. The interface is nice and clean. Overall, it is a great app for taking notes.

Install QwickNote Free and Pro version from Google Play Store

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