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Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 is a PC on a Stick using ‘Jet Fuel’ to Boost Speed

by Felix Omondi
Raspberry Pi Computer Module 3 is a PC on a Stick using ‘Jet Fuel’ to Boost Speed

Raspberry Pi’s Compute Module 3, a PC on a stick meant for use by manufacturers and power users.

The latest computing board from Raspberry Pi comes with the latest Compute Module 3, said to be ten times (10x) more powerful than the first Compute Module. This computer on a stick is not meant for students or casual users as it is usually the case with most Raspberry Pi PCs. The Compute Module 3 is tailor-made to cater the advance needs of manufacturers, prototypers, and power users.

It even has the hardware backbone to keep up with the advanced demand of power users. It comes with 1.2GHz Broadcom chip, 1GB RAM (twice the amount of the original RAM) and the storage space is upgradable.

As a testimony to Compute Module 3 advanced computing power, Raspberry Pi says NES used their device in their latest signage and presentation monitor shown below. That should give you an idea of who Raspberry Pi is targeting with its Compute Module 3, PC-on-a-stick.

Raspberry Pi has given its PC on a Stick some ‘Jet Fuel’ to Boost Its Speed

As you can see in the picture above, the Compute Module 3 fits on standard DDR2 SODIMM form factors, thus making it an easy and inexpensive plug-in device from several manufacturers.

Developers too will find the Compute Module IO Board useful too. It will give you the Pi-like pin and flexi connectors, HDMI, USB, and MicroSD. That way, you get an entire system that can boot Raspian OS or any other type of OS. The idea behind Compute Module 3 is to give that team in a garage an easy and affordable access to a piece of technology used by the big guys.

On the manufacturers’ side, they can add in a dumb device to the Compute Module 3 and make it a smart device in an inexpensive way. The Raspberry Pi computer will single handily do all the processing, memory, and routing tasks needed. Add that fact to another fact that the Raspberry Pi is a pretty easy to program; then manufacturers workload and expenses have just been reduced to a fraction.

The Compute Module 3 comes with upgradeable MicroSD storage for $30, but there is a cheaper option that goes for $22 and comes with 4GB fixed flash memory. The IO board is sold as a separate component at $116. Alternatively, it can come as one package with the Compute Module 3 for about $143.

For more information, go to the Raspberry Pi site at this link.

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