Are You Ready Africa?

Are You Ready Africa?

Are You Ready Africa?

“The world’s Largest Online Job fair” is holding this Year is hosting the “Worlds’ Largest Online Job Fair” from July 17th – August 17th, 2015.  About 30,000 Employers from 98 countries will be online to hire professionals from Africa and the rest of the world. Log on to and upload your CV.

Who are we? is a candidate search engine for the world.  We basically network employers to jobseekers by making it easy for them to match their open positions to qualified talents in our database. We are poised to revolutionize the job market across the world especially AFRICA. We present an alternative to the traditional ways of finding jobs, which are local newspapers, word of mouth from friends, billboards, fliers, TV commercials and more recently online Job sites.

According to Benjamin Onuoha, the Director of Business Development (Africa) “we want to create an equal and seamless employment platform for everyone. We are hoping that candidates will use this opportunity to find a fresh start, a better job or a new career direction”.

How does it work? And how do I participate in the Online Job fair?

*Log on to the site,

*Create an Account and Upload your CV.

*Employers from different Multinational companies will connect with you.

*Let your friends know about this Event as well.

Get Started!!!

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