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Reasons why you should not refer to the new Nokia 6 (2018) as an entry-level smartphone

by Milicent Atieno
nokia 6 2018

The details lies in the specs, and for the newest Nokia 6, though formerly an entry-level smartphone by all respects, has moved up the ranking ladder.

The new Nokia 6 runs on the faster clocking Snapdragon 630, and no longer the Snapdragon 430 chipset. It is important to point out that the Snapdragon 630 is the same piece of silicon powering the ASUS ZenFone 4, Moto X4, and HTC U11 Life.

It also has the LPDDR4 RAM (in China it comes in 4GB) and runs Android 7.1.1 right out of the box. If you are looking to upgrade, Android 8.0 Oreo is set to be available for update a bit later on. The new Nokia 6 has also ditched the old-design micro-USB socket for the next-generation USB-C port.

The new phone also comes with a second microphone to facilitate Nokia OZO Audio’s spatial audio capture. However, it has also ditched the second speaker in the previous model, which makes viewing video less fun. The phone still has the 3.5mm headphone jack, so that a very good thing, considering some brands of smartphones are ditching this all too important feature. You can also connect your peripheral devices using the Bluetooth 5.0 radio; the next generation of Bluetooth 6 2018

Other than the above features, everything else on the new Nokia 6 remains the same as on the old model. The rear-camera is still 16MP f/2.0 with 1 um sensor and dual LED. The front-camera has an 8MP f/2.0 and 1.12 um sensor, and an 84-degree wide angle capture.

Of course, it comes with the Dual-Sight mode (bothie) that was introduced with Nokia 8. Other general information on the new Nokia 6 include a 3,000 mAh battery, 4G LTE, dual SIM slot, and dual microSD card support.

The phone goes for the same $260 for the 64GB ROM and 4GB RAM model. Compared to its predecessor, the new one looks somewhat more attractive than the previous model. If you are on a tight budget, you will be glad to know there is one for $230 with 64GB ROM.

The phone is already available in China for some 1,699 yuan. Chinese consumers can get their hands on the device well ahead its January 10th launch.

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