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ReBoard iOS Keyboard Lets You Use YouTube, Google, Calendar and other apps Right Inside Keyboard

by Fahad Saleem

Since Apple’s sanctioning of third party apps in iOS, there has been an outburst of third party apps. We have seen emoji keyboards, images apps, music apps, sticker apps and whatnot in the past few months. The productivity of iOS users has increased manifold after the launch of third party apps, and they are now, by all means, at par with Android users. There is another one in the town, this time with a perfectly unique and useful idea. ReBoard is an iOS app that lets you open other apps right from the keyboard.

Using ReBoard, you can open apps like YouTube, Google search, calculator, Wikipedia, photos right from the keyboard in iPhone. Therefore, you will not have to close the messaging app to make a search for the movie your friend talked about or a difficult word your gf mentioned. You can open the search and other apps in the keyboard.

reboard 1

ReBoard has a massive growth potential. ReBoard co-founder Jeet Singh says that the app was inspired by the idea of productivity. Switching between apps arrests the flow of our daily routines. When you close an app, it kills the context of the task, and when you come back, you have to do a lot of cognitive work to get back into the content.

ReBoard also allows apps’ integration. For instance, you can integrate the famous co-working app “Slack”, and send your coworkers messaging right from the messaging app.

ReBoard is a powerful app which has the capability to call the basic, root functions of you iPhone, and that is the reason why your iPhone keyboard when launched with ReBoard becomes able to take control of all your iPhone.

reboard 2

So how exactly do you run other apps in ReBoard keyboard in iPhone? Just launch the iOS keyboard and press the Function key, which is located above the normal keys. You will see a lot of famous app icons there. You could just tap the app, for example YouTube in this case, and use it, or open that in its separate native app.

keyboard app

Apart from running other apps in the iOS keyboard, ReBoard also lets you do fast texting. It has many shortcuts which allow you to perform certain tasks in a quick way. For example, in ReBoard keyboard, you can control the cursor position by pressing and holding the spacebar. Similarly, you can choose alternate characters by swiping up on a certain characters. In the same way, you can remove a complete word at once by swiping UP on the backspace key.

For a beginner, ReBoard may seem a bit complex and intricate to use. Sometimes the taps don’t get registered. You have to perform some actions in a loop, within the app. But once you get used to and know how everything actually works, your productivity is increased.

The app costs around $1.19. You can use famous apps like Wikipedia, Translation, Google, Youtube, Amazon, eBay, Time, Calendar, Slack, Dropbox, Social media links integration for Pocket and many more in ReBoard.

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Images: TechCrunch

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