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Getting sponsors is perhaps one of the most daunting tasks a startup have to do, to scale their operations. Sponsors require your venture to be in its tip top shape. Those guys run one of the most thorough evaluations of a venture of its kind. So naturally, attracting a sponsor to your venture is hard, and it is even harder to maintain them.

IBOM LLC and partners delved into the discussion of how to get and keep a sponsor(s) on Tuesday, Sep. 27th. The event also served as a refresher course for those that think they got a good grip on how to get and maintain sponsors. The event’s discussion revolved around the following three main topics:

*Understanding how to create partnerships can make or break budgets

*Knowing what types of sponsors are needed can make or break brands

*Maintaining sponsor relationships can make or break businesses

The event brought together top fashion, tech, and consumer sponsors for a 2-hour Q&A interactive forum for the attendees.

All About The Money Panelists:

*Anthony Frasier – Entrepreneur and Author

*Brandon Bryant – Creator, Wall Street Paper

*Jeff Lindor – CEO, Groomed Success, Inc.

*Sakita Holley – CEO, House of Success PR

*Kiarra Smothers – 360 Sponsorship Manager, Essence Live Events

*Dawn Fichot – Founder and CEO, Racked Stretch

*Margaret Ntim – CEO and Founder, MLN Ventures

The event’s hosts were Anie Akpe (@ibomllc), Tiffany Ashitey, and Tasha Morris (@thebcgnyc). You can follow the event on social media using the hashtag #AllAboutTheMoney. Here is a recap of the conversation in ‘live tweets that were.’

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