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Recap Of #Tech808 DC

The PhatStartUP team had their #Tech808 DC conference in Washington DC this past Saturday June 6th at George Washington University. They arrived to a packed house of hungry entrepreneurs taking notes on how to get their start-up or hustle off the ground.
First, to get the morning started was Keynote speaker Paul C. Brunson Founder of PCB Agency & #MentorMonday. Host of #OurWorldTV.
He spoke about the art of networking and gave the following tips:

The art of networking is finding out what people are passionate about.

Approach networking by asking “how can I help?” Identify what you can GIVE and reach out immediately

When you network, mind your pay grade! Don’t go for the Oprah connection right out of the gate.

Every start-up wants to be on the cover of Fast Company or be talked about on the business channels. Rakia Reynolds is the of owner Skai blue media

. She drop a few gem over a laurel Hill beat on the art of the pitch

When you are pitching people & have 30 second commercial use relevant media”

“Pitch publications on your statistics and numbers, not the fluff.”

Trying to pretend like your word is your bond” “Be sure that anything you say can be backed up”

If someone passes on a story, ask them why.” learning from the “NOs” as much important as the “Yesses.”

The App world may be confusing and daunting if you don’t know where to start. In this session on How To Build Your First App Sheena, Anthony and Benjamin who have over 10 million downloads combined share some of their insight into the app game.
“You don’t have to be technical to build an app most successful apps are built by non-technical people”  said Sheena Allen.

“When you have a simple app. You have huge advantage of speed” said Benjamin Young Obenyoung Founder & CEO of Sworkit

by Nexercise Inc.

“If you are going to develop an app and work with offshore teams…you are going to lose money.” Anthony Frasier Cofounder ThePhatStartup and The Koalition
The next stop on this #Tech808 tour is in New York City November 9, 2015. This is once conference you don’t want to miss.

Lisa Leid

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