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CES2015: You Could Recharge Your Smartphone Battery In Less Than Two Minutes

by Felix Omondi

CES2015: You Could Recharge Your Smartphone Battery In Less Than Two Minutes

As Consumer Electronic Show (CES) continues in Las Vegas, more and more inventors and innovators are showing off their latest creations. StoreDot, a nanotech startup, showcased its revolutionary smartphone battery technology that allows for 100% recharge in less than two minutes (30 seconds to be precise according to their demonstration).

You Could Recharge Your Smartphone Battery In Less Than Two Minutes

The startup first showed this technology a while back, but the initial prototype was bigger and added a lot of bulkiness to the smartphone. But during the CES2015, the startup had done major improvements to the battery making it not just smaller, but doesn’t add bulkiness to the smartphone.

You Could Recharge Your Smartphone Battery In Less Than Two MinutesIf or when the company deploys the technology to the market, users will be able to recharge their smartphone in less than two minutes. That time is far much less compared to the currently possible time it takes to recharge a smartphone; you will be able to recharge your smartphone in a blink of an eye.

StoreDot CEO, Doron Myersdort said that the company took a different approach; instead of creating a battery with an improved capacity, the company redesigned the battery’s internal structure to allow fast recharge. But on the downside, the overall battery life becomes shorter, meaning your battery will drain even faster.

But given you can recharge it again to full capacity in less than two minutes, personally I think it’s a good tradeoff. So recharging my smartphone twice a day will be no issue, given it only takes less than two minutes when am recharging it.

This is not trivial; it took us a lot of research. This is a design that is trying to achieve something that was not the goal before. Nobody thought about giving you less energy everybody thought about giving you more energy,” said Mysersdorf.

If you can overlook the fact that your smartphone will be running out of juice faster; even though it recharges even faster. Then perhaps you should also warm up to the fact that the battery will also be a little bit expensive. Mysersdors says that he expects the battery to push up the price of smartphones by about $50.

Additionally, smartphone manufacturers will need to make “some modifications” to their devices if they want them to use StoreDot batteries. But there are some prototype StoreDot batteries that still can work with the handsets currently in the market. So it will be up to the individual smartphone manufacturers to take advantage of this new battery technology.

Mysersdorf expressed optimism about his company’s innovation and said they are already in talk with “all the big guys”. He also said that that he has been in over a dozen meeting in talks with potential partners at the CES2015, and his company is targeting to get the batteries into the hands of consumers by 2017. The CEO is also expressed his ambition to have StoreDat technology in all battery-powered devices including electric vehicles.

The company is said to be starting new electric vehicles initiatives aiming at manufacturing batteries for electric cars, like Teslas that instead of taking hours to recharge, only takes minutes. Mysersdorf said that the company will have a prototype battery for electric cars that will recharge to full capacity in three minutes in about one year.

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