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How to Record Phone and Skype Calls on Mac

How to Record Phone and Skype Calls on Mac

With the introduction of video chatting applications like Skype, video conferencing has become extremely easy. Now, you don’t need to gather team members at one place. You just need to have them online and start video conferencing. You will desire to record Skype calls also so that you carry minutes of meeting with you.  I will demonstrate how to record phone and Skype calls on Mac using Vodburner software.

Go to the main page of Vodbruner from your Mac. Click the download link of Vodburner on top right corner of the page. You just need to follow the on-screen instructions until the application is downloaded. Vodbruner is a free software and gives full functionality to users. It allows users to record audio and video calls from either side of the conversation. You can save the video as MOV, MP4, and M4A among other formats.

Launch Skype after downloading Vodburner. You need to login with your Skype account in the provided fields for username and password. Allow the application to initialize and start.

Once you are signed into Skype account, you need to hover over to the contacts that are online for video or audio calling. You need to click on the green camera icon on the right-hand side of the window. When the other person has accepted the call, you can start recording the video or audio call by clicking the circular record button at the bottom of the resulting window for beginning to record the conversation. When you are finished with recording the call, you may click the red phone icon to hang up.

You are required to assign the title and save the recording to a specified location accessible while hovering over the contact in the main VodBurner window.

You can save complete records of your conferences held over Skype and important dealings with clients. You can record phone and Skype calls on Mac with Vodburner absolutely free of cost that makes this application really worth trying. You will never lose precious moments and words spoken while having conversation on Skype.


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