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How To Recover License Keys of Installed Applications [Guide]

by Fahad Saleem

How To Recover License Keys of Installed Applications [Guide]

It is hard to count how many times we misplace the license keys for the purchased software for our Windows. The real problem arises when we have to reinstall the software, and we don’t have the keys. To solve this major issue for Windows users, Product Key Decryptor and Windows License Key Dump are the best utilities to recover your license keys. They support all the popular applications that include Microsoft Software like Exchange Server, Windows, or Office etc.

Product Key Decryptor

It is a freeware that allows you to recover the license of your installed applications on your Windows. It carries out an automated scan to recover all the license keys quickly. In order to get the license keys, you just need to hit the option of ‘Start Recovery Button’.

 Product Key Decryptor supports plenty of applications that include the most popular ones also such as Adobe Creative Studio, Norton Internet Security, Camstasia Studio, Magic ISO, TuneUP Utilities, Visual Studio, Avira Antivirus, Autodesk 3ds Max, Corel Draw etc. It also supports the recovery of licenses for Microsoft’s products as well as the Windows OS itself. It can also recover the license keys for Exchange Server, Microsoft Office, SQL Server, Internet Explorer etc.

product key 1

In order to avoid losing the license keys again in the future, this software provides you the option to back up these keys. You can create the backup using TEXT, XML, or HTML file, and save the file at your desired place.

Download Product Key Decryptor

Windows License Key Dump

It is just the replica of Product Key Decryptor but in the command line version from the same company. This software is pretty useful for developers and experts of IT who know the use of command line very well to recover the licenses of their installed software. It supports the same applications as supported by Product Key Decryptor. In order to use this software, you need to run the command prompt and then go the path where the files of Windows License Key Dump are stored. Then you have to provide the command of executing the application of Windows License Key Dump. As you are running the application in command lines, there is no option to back up license information in your hard disk. This utility could be very useful if you are an advanced user.

 product key 2

Download Windows License Key Dump

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