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Reddit launches the Official Reddit App for Android

by Felix Omondi
Reddit launches the Official Reddit App for Android

Reddit is one of the most frequented sites in the world. So it beats logic why they have not yet launched their official Reddit app. When you think about it; Reddit in its raw self has a pretty mundane, dull and colorless interface.

Most of the visitors to Reddit are by all measures above average tech-savvy users; no wonder some of these users take it upon themselves to develop their own third party apps for Reddit. Last month, Innov8tiv featured a new indie app for iOS developed for users tired of the Reddit in its raw self, the Milkeddit App.

Well, Reddit knows the shortcomings it has and has been working on a mobile app since 2014. The Reddit official app was first availed in beta form last year and was availed to a handful of users for dry runs. Since then, the company has been tweaking the app to release a polished product to the general market.

The company now has the official Reddit app out and seems to be an entirely polished app, though the reviews and ratings it has gotten are a far cry from what you would expect. The official Reddit app is available for downloads on Google Play Store for Android devices, but there is no word on when the iOS version will be ready.

You can download the official Reddit app from Google Play Store at this link.

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