Regretting That Text You Sent? On Second Thought App Lets You Take It Back

Regretting That Text You Sent? On Second Thought App Let’s You Take It Back

Texting is a very convenient way of getting your message across. We do it on a regular basis, so much so that cell phone manufacturers have added smart features to help us type words faster than before. There is the auto-complete feature, the swipe keyboard among other nifty development meant to make you chat faster.

However, all these need for speed and auto-complete features make us sometimes somewhat less careful. I am sure there are several occasions where you have typed a text message so fast. Thinking the device, can understand your intentions directly from your brains without your hands relaying exactly what the mind intended to type. This is where auto-correct is supposed to save the day, but sometimes it auto-correct or auto-completes with completely insane words.

Then you start cursing at your phone, wishing with all your might, that you could take back the already sent text. Maci Peterson (pictured right) was in such a situation one day. When she was chatting with her ex and on one reply she meant to text “Sorry I keep missing your calls”. Instead, the auto-complete typed “Sorry I keep missing your balls.”

Well,  am sure he got a massive ‘ego-massage’ with that reply. On the other hand, maybe Maci felt so embarrassed and wished she could time-travel back and stop her few minutes ‘future-self’ to double check her reply before hitting send.

That aside, this embarrassing situation motivated Maci to come up with a mobile app that could allow users to retract their sent text messages. Dubbed ‘On Second Thought’ this app enables users to take back sent texts within the first 60 seconds. On Second Thought is available on Play Store but in beta version still.

How On Second Thought Works

After installing the app, you go about texting as you normally would. When you hit the ‘Send’ button and shortly after you notice a mistake in the message. You simply swipe left or right to recall the text back, and the app stops the sending text right on its track. The recipient will never get that message. The app delays the message from sending, between the time you hit the send button and when the phone sends out the message. You can set the delay time to up to 60 seconds.

It also has a curfew feature, which locks your phone’s messaging ability between certain times. This feature could come in handy, especially for those of you notorious with drank-texting people. If you know, you are going out tonight, and after taking one-too-many, you find the courage to text other people about the things you have been keeping quite about. This app is for you, as it will put an embargo on your messages until the next morning when you are all sober. You will probably end up shooting yourself by texting under the influence. So, why text at all when your brain is not on optimum functioning?

Other Features On Second Thought

Send/Receive SMS and MMS messages

SMS Recall

MMS Recall

Integrated with other messaging platforms and services


To read more about On Second Thought app or to install the app, follow this link to Play Store.

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