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How to Remove, Disable CM AppLock on Android Phone

by Fahad Saleem

CM AppLock is one of the most famous and useful security apps for Android. You can enable fingerprint security, use passwords for different apps, get to know the individual who tried to break in your phone using this app. But this app has a creepy way to operate, giving no option whatsoever on getting rid. Users report that they don’t find a clear option on deleting this app. If you install CM AppLock one time, and then later want to turn it off, apparently, it seems not possible. The app shows only three options: lock, don’t lock and forgot your password option. These options do not show how to turn off this app for a specific app. The basic problem is deleting CM AppLock app is that when you try to delete the app, it will ask you passwords and all that, making it difficult to get rid of the app. However, there are some ways using which you can get rid of CM AppLock in your Android phone.

Remove, Disable CM AppLock on Android Phone


Launch System Settings->Security->Device Administrators and uncheck “App Lock”. Now go back to Settings and move on to the “apps” section and then move to the “downloaded” tab. Locate the AppLock app and then tap on disable or uninstall if you don’t find disable option.


Perhaps the best way to delete CM AppLock is to remove CM Security suite from your Android phone and then install it back in case you need it.


Launch Settings in your phone and the AppLock app will ask for the password. Now come out of the settings, or go to processes menu, or just come out of settings, but don’t close the settings.  Now go back and open the settings. Here is the trick, there will be a split second when you open the settings and when the CM AppLock asks you a password. That means when you go back and in the settings, you get a second when you can go in the settings without the password. If you are able to do so, you can force stop the applock app. You can try going in and out of the settings if you miss the change for the first time.


There are many third party apps that are available on the Google Play Store which remove the CM AppLock. Check out this video to find out one such app and how to delete AppLock from your Android phone using it.

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