Remove Notifications Clutter and Prioritize Everything on your Android Phone Using Snowball App

Apps and features are increasing steadily on our phones. With this, the number of notifications and noise is also burgeoning. Games app promotions, requests, spam messages, spam emails, app store notifications and clutter like this have made our lives more difficult. Android app developers are becoming desperate to sell their apps, get the user attention, and while doing so, they kill the graceful decorum of the tech industry. Here’s where Snowball comes in: a great free Android app that lets you filter out and kill unwanted notifications. Snowball lets you prioritize app notifications.

You can use settings section of Snowball to permanently hide different app notifications. If you want the app not to block notifications and promotions from certain apps, you can also customize the settings for this.

In the last version of Snowball, the app only showed some notifications in the form of a ball using which you could check and delete notifications quickly. But the latest version has drastically improved the performance, core functionality and feature of the app.

There is also an option in Snowball from where you can select and open different features like Camera, Alarm, etc.

Snowball may intrude in some of the basic interface features of your phone because it is a powerful app and directly accesses the ROM. Generally speaking, Snowball is best for having some space from the useless notifications. You can prioritize different apps and give high priority to apps which matter, like messages, email, Facebook etc.

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