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Replace your iPhone’s Default Lock Screen into a Colorful Text Clock using Timely

Replace your iPhone’s Default Lock Screen into a Colorful Text Clock using Timely

The conventional iPhone lock screen is a bit boring. Apple has not paid any attention to changing it, since iOS 1.0. The Cydia app store has brought a new jailbreak tweak which is dubbed as “Timely”. Timely specializes in turning your iPhone lock screen into a cool display.

Instead of sliders and swipes, Timely is designed to calibrate your iPhone screen in a text based lock layout. When you install Timely, your screen will be reshaped with a colored text based clock. By default it shows a highlighted white color text and dark grey color for the background text. But if you don’t like the default colors, then don’t worry! Timely has put all the configurable options in your hands. If you want the colors of your choice, then you have an option to enable Timely’s own wall paper along with the selection of your favorite prime colors from the preferences. The colors brighten and dim according to the current time.

To make your lock screen cleaner and organized, Timely can round up the time up to nearest five minutes. But if you want to know the exact time, then Timely has the Exact mode to use. The Exact mode shows the time without round of for five minutes. However it displays the time in a cluttered form, it jumbles the letters but it doesn’t looks messy at all and you get the benefit to know the exact time. You can enable or disable it according to your choice from the settings.


With this new tweak, you will be excited and eager to unlock the screen again and again. You can grab Timely right from the BigBoss Cydia repo, and it’s absolutely free!

Download the tweak from here




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