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Reports: Apple to Launch 5-inch iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus with Glass Casings for Wireless Charging

by Fahad Saleem

Apple is set to launch a new iPhone in 2017 which will be of 5-inches size, according to Mac Okatara, a Japanese website which posts Apple news and rumors.  The source says that the new upcoming iPhone 2017 will have a peculiar vertical dual-camera. This iteration of the iPhone will be categorized under the “medium” size, and we can safely say that Apple will launch other, big-sized iPhone as well. The important thing about this rumor is that it comes from the Apple’s supplier based in Taiwan. This adds credibility to the news as suppliers are the entities which get the insider information first. The new revelation can also be trusted because of the fact that a reliable Apple rumor source, Nikkei, also claimed recently that Apple will launch a 5-inch iPhone in 2017.

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Apple’s 5-inch iPhone will be named as iPhone 7s. As the name suggests, it will be the revamped version of iPhone 7, which was launched in 2016. Perhaps the only difference would the style and position of the company, as iPhone 7s is expected to get a dual-camera system in the vertical alignment. The source also claims that there would be another, bigger reiteration of iPhone in 2017, and that would be named as iPhone 7S Plus. Both iPhone 7S and 7S Plus will have an aluminum body.

The report also said that the phones will be made available in the red color as well. Many other reports say that Apple will launch three new iPhones in 2017, with new LCD screens and a premium model which will have an OLED display and glass casing. Nikkei also agrees with the rumor that Apple will launch three new iPhones, but says that all of these phones will have glass-backed designs. Apple is planning to give glass casings to introduce the feature of wireless charging in its iPhones in 2017.

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