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How to Reset Windows 10 Computer

Sometimes your PC can get in your way to getting work done. It runs slow, it freezes, simple application takes ages to open up, you keep getting strange errors and all sorts of things. One quick fix to this problem would be to reset your PC. This particular article is on how to reset Windows 10 computer.

The Windows 10 operating system comes packed with easier options for restoring your PC to an earlier state. Things have never gotten this easy, compared to earlier Windows.

Reset Windows 10 PC

Go to ‘Settings’

. To get there, click the Start menu button and you will and the cogwheel button will be the ‘Settings’.

Next click on ‘Update & Security

Click on ‘Recovery’ on the left pane of the Window.

Windows 10 gives you three options; ‘Reset this PC, Go back to an earlier build’, and ‘Advanced startup’. The option we are looking for in this case is ‘Reset this PC’. It will start things afresh on your computer and fix all the lags, freeze, and buggy issue, by restoring Windows 10 to its default state.

The ‘Advanced startup’ option gives you the ability to boot up from a recovery USB drive or disc, while the ‘Go to an earlier build’ is used when you want to roll back to an earlier version of Windows 10.

Click on ‘Get started’ under the Reset this PC to get started J. A blue Windows will pop up giving you two options; ‘Keep my files

’ or ‘Remove everything’. Both options will return your Windows settings to default and remove all your installed apps. However, the former will do away also with your files.

If you had selected ‘Remove everything’ above, the next Window will ask you whether to ‘Just remove my files’ or ‘Remove files and clean the drive’. The former is suitable if you plan to continue using the computer. The latter is when you want to give the computer away, and want the next owner to have a difficult time if they attempt to recover your files. It will wipe your hard drive clean of any files that are not part of the operating system.

The next Window will be a ‘Warning’

cautioning you that you changes made will not be recoverable. If you are certain that is what you want, click on ‘Next’ to continue. If you change your mind, click on ‘Cancel’ to stop.

In the Window click on ‘Reset’ to begin the resetting process.

Windows will first restart itself. After restart, you will see the Window below giving you three options; ‘Continue’, ‘Troubleshoot’, and ‘Turn off your PC’. Click on ‘Continue’ to embark on the reset Windows 10 process.

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