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Responding to Google Play Store Reviews: 5 Tips


Google Play ratings can make or break any app. Consumers make decisions based on other people’s opinions. By looking at reviews, they understand if your product is worth downloading and if it solves their problem. Responding to comments is essential, but what is the most effective way?

Naturally, some reviews may be left by trolls, while others are perfectly valid opinions. Tips for responding to app reviews on will tell you how and when to react. Here are five key insights.

1.  Understand Why Negativity Is More Salient

People are more likely to leave a negative review than praise. Such is human nature, so keep this in mind. Critics are more motivated and likely to invest time in typing a comment. Meanwhile, there may be hundreds or thousands of satisfied users who are simply too lazy to speak out. Encourage them to contribute through in-app feedback tools.

2.  Acknowledge Their Feelings

It doesn’t matter if the user is right or wrong. Their feelings are always valid, and this must be communicated in your response. When consumers vent, they want to feel heard. Ignoring their grievances triggers even stronger negative reactions. Treat every user with respect.

3.  Take Suggestions Seriously

Some comments may contain clever suggestions and requests for new features. This is a great opportunity to enhance the app in a way that will boost your download numbers. Express gratitude for such contributions and show that you take them seriously. Consumers who feel they have a say in the development process turn into your diehard fans.

4.  Do Not Ignore

The worst mistake is ignoring your critics. If they receive no response, other users suspect your company of neglecting the audience. This is detrimental to rating and profits.

If the app needs fixing, fix it! Thank users for sharing their feelings and experience. Respond to scathing comments and compliments alike. Communicate empathy and show that feedback matters.

5.  Use Software to Streamline Response

It is not necessary to reply manually. Advanced software is versatile and widely integrated. It can analyze your reviews and ratings, providing actionable insights and highlighting issues based on semantic analysis. Auto replies and filtering accelerate the process — review management is so much easier via the dashboard. As your app’s reputation improves, so do the profits.

Latest Changes

Since Google I/O 2019, the average ratings have been calculated in a new way. Now, the most recent versions of an app carry the biggest weight. This means developers may improve their ratings more easily. At the same time, those who fail to update their offerings risk falling behind. The emphasis on improvement is clear.

How Do Users Know When Developers Respond?

Your reply will become public in 24 hours. Then, the commenter will be notified by Google. The system will send an email and a push notification to let them know their feedback has been responded to.

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