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Revealed: Windows 10 Upcoming Major Upgrades

by Felix Omondi
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That Microsoft is on overdrive charm offensive is no secret. The Redmond tech giant is throwing all types of goodies it can come up with into its Windows 10 OS. Still, Windows 10 has polarized opinion among users, and Microsoft will not let up until it sees people with less than favorable opinion about the OS be swayed over into loving Windows 10.

You only need to look at the major upgrades the company has been releasing, and in a timely fashion. The most recent disclosure about an upcoming update was made during a developers conference held last week at Ignite Australia. Already, one of the eagle-eyed developer who attended the conference, Rafael Rivera, has done a presentation about the Windows 10 fast and furious upgrades and they are available here.

windows 10 cloud

Image credit: Rafael Rivera, Microsoft

Innov8tiv has already featured the next immediate upgrade (Windows 10 Creators Update) expected to roll out next month. What we have not told you that after the March upgrade, there will be another major upgrade sometime later this year. There are no official communications about the details of this (late 2017) upgrade yet, but there are already informed speculations and guesses doing rounds on the internet.

Perhaps the biggest guess on the late-2017-upgrade is Project Neon; a major redesign of Windows 10 that will include cosmetic changes and unification around a new design language. The next big thing to write home about the Windows 10 upgrades is the Windows Cloud; a variant of the Windows RT that was not as successful as Microsoft had hoped it would become.

windows 10 cloud

Image credit: Windows Blog Italia

Windows Cloud will run Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps; that is the standard desktop software, making it a potential rival for Google’s ChromeOS. If Microsoft does launch another major upgrade for Windows 10 later this year, it will be the first time in the company’s history. That it has launched four Service Packs for any of its Windows within its two years of release.

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