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Review of the World Brands of Construction Machinery

Construction machinery is used to perform heavy work that a person cannot do. Today, there is a big number of manufacturers who offer their equipment for the constructors. Those with a good reputation are the leaders in their segment. Some win in quality, while others – in price. Let’s take a closer look at the best brands of the construction machinery.

World-Known Manufacturers

These manufacturers gained their recognition thanks to the constant work, making their equipment of high quality and, at the same time, as affordable as possible. Here are just some of them:

1) Kobelco

Japanese excavators Kobelco occupy about 13.5% of the world crawler excavator market. One of the main advantages of this machinery is its high performance: it operates under various weather conditions and demonstrates a good power reserve. Thanks to the two-line hydraulics, this equipment shows good work with complex attachments. You can f

ind Kobelco service manuals @ because this equipment is in demand among the customers.

2) Caterpillar

This is an American brand with a worldwide reputation. It has been on the market for over 90 years. The manufacturer produces the construction and mining equipment, engines, as well as transportation equipment. The machinery of the brand is appreciated all over the world for its endurance and power. The most popular positions in a brand line are:


Motor graders;




In addition, customers appreciate their engines, which are among the most reliable in the world. Additionally, the brand strives to produce multifunctional equipment that could cover several tasks with one unit.

3) Komatsu

This Japanese manufacturer launched the production of special equipment in the 30s of the 20th century and since then, it has only strengthened its position in the market. It has established itself as a manufacturer of reliable mechanisms that do not require constant maintenance. The production line includes such machines as:

Dump trucks;





The company also produces construction, mining, and road equipment.

4) John Deere

This American company founded in the middle of the 19th century is engaged in the production of equipment for various purposes. The priority vector is agricultural machinery, but they also produce:



Gardening equipment;

Construction equipment;

Forestry machines;


The facilities are located in several countries. In addition to the USA, the company creates its products in Canada, Germany, and India.

5) Iveco

This is an Italian corporation that manufactures industrial vehicles. Even though it doesn’t have such deep historical roots as the previous companies, it gained its popularity in a short time and proved its good reputation in the market. Iveco Motors produces a wide range of trucks and diesel power plants that successfully operate in many countries of the world, including Turkey, Vietnam, China, Egypt, Kazakhstan, and Russia.

Of course, this list of world construction producers is not complete. Share your own top-5 list of brands with us in the comments.

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