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Review: Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2

by Fahad Saleem

Review: Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2

Across the globe, the number of tablets being produced has reached unprecedented levels. With each manufacture trying to outdo one another by sleek designs, beastly performances and amazing look features that are compelling users in their million to migrate towards tablets for their daily computing needs. Some manufacturers are innovative enough to make the compact styles which can also be used as GSM phones, and others go for the bigger and powerful displays. But as the market matured, the predominant success stories have been related to the more compact ones like Google Nexus, iPad mini and Kindlefire HD that offers you a better feeling. However due to the shorter displays that came with them, several bigger screens have also begun to establish themselves. Galaxy Note 12.2 is one of such monsters and today Innov8tiv Magazine will give you an in-depth analysis of the Galaxy Note 12.2.

Specs and price

Samsung is practically throwing everything it has to this genre in order to preempt the “Maxi” tab market into buying the Note 12.2. The obvious reason being the new iPad Maxi on the horizon. Since Samsung wasn’t successful in taming the compact market, it is determined to make the maxi market its own and the Note 12.2 could very well be the first in the series of many. It has every premium spec around and with the gorgeous 2560 x 1600 display it offers in its 12.2 Inch screen, it certainly has a spectacular display. A custom built 1.9Ghz in the offing with a 3GB RAM, 32/64GB internal storage and an 8MP rear camera. It certainly is the best equipped tabs you have ever seen. But the price is a worrying factor for the new tab, which is going for $649. It is ranked in the same league as heavyweights giants like the 128GB iPad Air and the 64GB Microsoft Surface Pro 2. So the question is, how well can it compete against these big boys? That only time will tell.

samsung tab note pro 1


It weighs in at 753g, the Note 12.2 starts taking its toll on your wrists the moment you hold it in your hands (or more likely prop it on your lap). Despite the facts that it is only 8mm thick, the screen on the 12.2 fells like a whole PC screen and feels very sophisticatedly delicate too. However it is still much lighter than the Note Pro. In the long run, you can expect that it will modify your tablet holding manner, since you will not hold it with one hand using one hand for an extended period. The exterior and the design features are the same as that of the previous Note with a glass covered front and metal resembling outer rim. The design doesn’t quite pull off for the hefty price tag involve and the added size and same structure might give you the feeling that it is not that solid for such a huge thing. The power and the volume rocker are on the top with quite flat appearance like the processors. The micro-USB slot has been shifted to the right side and it turns out to be pretty thoughtful as it leaves the bottom completely free of this mess. The camera positioning at the back is pretty good too.


samsung pro note 3


The Note 12.2 has very advanced specs and a good display to boost of. However, if the tablet is to compete with others in the genre, it needs to bring the price down a little or bolster the design further.

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