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Review: Samsung Tab S, Beautiful Slate Starting at $400

by Fahad Saleem

Review: Samsung Tab S, Beautiful Slate Starting at $400

One of the lightest and thinnest tablets in the market, Samsung Galaxy Tab S comes with amazing specifications. Most analysts have named it as the best tablet of all from Samsung. Screen size is 9.7 inches display is simply flawless. It has put its rivals Apple iPad and Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 into a shadow at least with its AMOLED display that gives you best colors, best resolution, best contrast and best pixel density. This super amazing display which looks even better than reality, can alone justify the high price of the tablet.


9.7×7 inches screen with an unbelievably thin width of only 0.26 inches (6.6 mm), it is the thinnest tablet of this size in the market. But that’s not all because with a weight of 0.65 pounds (465g) it is also the lightest tablet in this screen size. It has a plastic back and feels comfortable to fingers while using. Currently available in two colors “Dazzling white” and “Titanium bronze”.

It has the usual three buttons at the bottom and they feel accurate and more comfortable in usage as compared to the sister model that comes in 8.4 inches.

Operating System

Software version is Android 4.4 with Samsung’s own TouchWiz user interface. The vibrant colors of the screen make everything more beautiful. Samsung has equipped the tablet with Paper Garden, which is a new magazine service by Samsung. They have added a radio streaming app Milk Music and not so useful but interesting Side Sync. This app can sync you Galaxy S5 on this tablet for you.

samsung s 2

You have Galaxy Gear fit to help you communicate with your device. Samsung app store has much fun stuff that can brighten your day with already radiant colors of your AMOLED screen.

Phone Like feel

You get a distinct feel of using a smartphone rather than a tablet, partially because of the high contrast and sharp colors but mainly due to UI and apps that give it a touch of Samsung Galaxy phone series. Now this might be a good thing for Samsung Smartphone fans but for tablet users, it is a bit of new or let’s say difficult thing in the beginning. You get used to the UI with the use of a few days though and then you simply love it.

samsung s 3

With 1.9GHz octa-core, 3Gb RAM and 9.7 inch size it will cost you $500. 8.4 inch model is for $400.

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