Review: Vodafone Smart 4 Mini

Review: Vodafone Smart 4 Mini

The main aim behind launching the own-brand phones by Vodafone is to provide smart handsets at cheap prices to people. Vodafone has been making its own-brand smartphones for quite some time now. Vodafone Smart 4 Mini is quite basic in many ways. It won’t be suitable for those who love video calling as there is no front facing camera. But, it would make many people happy still with its features.

The cost of this phone is just £50 ($84.73 US Dollar), but it is locked to the network. This is a very low price considering the features that it provides.

Size and Build

Vodafone easily fits in your hand. It has a 4-inch display. It is not as slim as Apple’s iPhone 5S, but such an inexpensive phone cannot be compared to the Apple’s flagship product. It feels rather chunky, but its curved back makes it comfortable in your hand. It is quite a welcome change from the ever size increasing smartphones.

The build is not bad either. It is almost completely plastic. The back side can be popped off to insert your SIM card and battery. When you flex it, there will be no creaking. The phone is pretty light, carrying weight of just 117g.


There is no 4G connectivity available in this phone. However, for many people that wouldn’t be an issue. There is a built-in GPS that may be a surprise at this cheap price. Bluetooth is also there. You can also configure your phone wirelessly with other devices like laptops. Vodafone contains a simple widget that guides you through the fundamentals. Since this might well be the first smartphone for many people, this feature is quite good.

You have the option of inserting the extra 4GB memory to supplement the internal 4GB memory. It uses Android Jellybean as opposed to plenty of budget phones that try to get away with old fashioned operating system.


The four inch screen doesn’t carry much screen resolution, only 480×800 pixels that are quite low if you plan to view high quality movies. However, it would be reasonable for basic users though.


The camera has a 2.2MP resolution that is not that high as compared to the sophisticated smartphones today. If you want to share your pictures on social media then this camera might not work for you. Moreover, the videos are snapped at VGA resolution that is not that great especially for advanced users.


The touch screen is quick and responsive. The clock speed is 1.3GHz that supports all the basic functions very easily. The videos can be played without any glitches, but of course, your display will not support high resolution. The overall performance is quite good though.


The battery timing is not officially claimed by Vodafone for most of its phones. However, feedback from users suggests its battery life to be one day that is enough for most people.


Vodafone has released a tiny little smartphone at a cheap price that would be a great device for the beginners in this technology. But the features are mostly basic and it wouldn’t entertain the advanced users.

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