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#RIPPrince Your Legacy will Live On

by Maya Johnson
On Thursday, April 21, superstar Prince was found dead in his Minneapolis estate. At the age of 57, he was princefound slumped in an elevator and pronounced dead later that night. The singer had no bodily trauma, and it didn’t look like he committed suicide. An autopsy was performed Friday, but the final results are still unknown.
Fans everywhere are mourning the death of Prince, listening to their favorite songs of his. Prince will always be remembered for his music and his sparkling personality. #RIPPrince.
What People Are Tweeting:
 ? “Purple Rain” is in a class by itself. #RIPPrince ☔️

— Agendi Kabaeva (@AgendiK) April 23, 2016


Raise your hand if Purple Rain is now playing over and over in your head. #RIPPrince

— ArtofaBeautifulLife (@ArtofaBeautiful) April 23, 2016


#RIPPrince -best concert ever! @prince @tamronhall

— Amy Gusek (@amymg) April 23, 2016


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