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Riversands Incubation Hub Calling Black Entrepreneurs For Its Accelerator Program

The South African-based, Riversands Incubation Hub is currently running an accelerator program geared to empowering talented and creative black entrepreneurs. This initiative was specifically put in place to target black entrepreneurs.

The hub will house 150 black-owned startups that will be given auxiliary training, skills development programs, mentorship and access to the state of the art facilities.

The Riversands Incubation Hub is funded by the Century Property Developments, a real estate developer dealing with exclusive residential and commercial property developments. It is also funded by The Jobs Funds

, which is an organization formed to create jobs through supporting initiative that create employment through unconventional ways.

If you are a South African that fits the following; black entrepreneur, talented, skilled and with an innovative product, go to

for more details and how to apply.
Milicent Atieno

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