Rocket Internet Rolls Out A New Mobile Classifieds Platform | Sparklist

Rocket Internet Rolls Out A New Mobile Classifieds Platform | Sparklist

Sparklist is the latest entrant into the mobile classifieds space. Sparklist has been rolled out in Pakistan as it looks forward to launching in other emerging markets gradually over time. The new mobile classifieds platform has been launched by Rocket Internet to allow buyers and sellers trade virtually online.

Sparklist will allow buyers and sellers to sell second-hand products based on their geographical locations. The mobile app operates based on location allowing sellers to upload pictures of their merchandise while buyers can look through an assortment of products based on particular locations. The app also allows the buyers and sellers to chat in real time to better enable them to negotiate and agree on the terms of the transactions.

Both buyers and sellers (all Sparklist users) are required to verify their identity, and their social media accounts will be integrated with the platform.

About Sparklist

The e-commerce for mobile classifieds was founded by Nalla Karuanithy, who is also its Global Managing Director. In a statement, Karuanithy says, “In our mobile app, users can constantly make new connections, find new bargains, and truly harness the immense but hidden socio-economic potential of their own respective communities.”

He plans to expand Sparklist to all the emerging markets across the world.

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