ROIDMI Eve Plus robot Vacuum Sterilizes the Source of Pollution I Overlooked

ROIDMI Eve Plus robot vacuum is equipped with activated-oxygen technology that prevents the waste from molding and smelling during the 60 days it’s stored in the dust station. It makes vacuuming easier, cleaner, and healthier for you.

Self-emptying robot vacuums are prevailing among people who work. Set the cleaning mode and schedule in the APP, the robot vacuum will vacuum the floor and carpets on time every day. All the waste the robot collects will be dumped into the big dust station. And you only need to replace the enclosed dust bag every 60 days or so. So convenient!

But there’s a potential health threat: the waste may have molds and smells growing in it.

Burger King displayed the decay of the burger over 34 days in a time-lapse ad. By the end, the sandwich was a mold ball in apparently toxic colors. Left untreated, the waste in the dust station will be like that after 60 days.

To solve this problem, the dust station of ROIDMI Eve Plus has an activated-oxygen sterilization system that puts down any bacteria or viruses. The activated oxygen can penetrate the cell membrane by oxidizing the lipoproteins and lipopolysaccharides. This will change the cell permeability and eventually break it down.

The activated-oxygen system kicks off, kills 99.99% of bacteria, and prevents molds and smells from happening after each dust disposal. And with HEPA filters, the dust station traps fine dust and breathes out surgically clean air into the house.

With the activated-oxygen sterilization and HEPA filters, ROIDMI Eve Plus can protect the family from asthma, allergies, or any other respiratory diseases.

Keeping bacteria and smells from polluting the house, eliminating allergy triggers, and protecting the family… ROIDMI Eve Plus robot vacuum is here to protect every household.


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