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How to Root Android Tablet Without Computer

by Fahad Saleem

How to Root Android Tablet Without Computer

The idea of becoming super user of your Android tablet and taking complete control over its hardware and software is quite tempting. Google protects your Android tablets by restricting users from accessing options that could brick their device if some wrong manipulation is performed. However, the curiosity to explore developer options is much too high among some users. In this article, we will quench the thirst of such users by explaining how to root Android tablet without computer.

You need to install framaroot application from this link before proceeding any further. You need to download the APK file directly into your tablet. Now, install the app in your tablet by running the APK file. You need to launch the application and choose option of “install superuser”. You will see a list of exploits. You are required to select one of them and wait until it completes its work.

The “success” message will appear when your device is rooted successfully. You just need to restart your tablet for changes to take effect. If the exploit fails and “failed” message appears, you need to try other exploits in the list.

You will be able to access all options once your device is rooted. You are free to tweak with stock Android apps and other features. There are still some features while rooting phones. To know more on that click here.

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