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The Rove App Is a Great Automatic Tracking Journal

by Fahad Saleem

The Rove App Is a Great Automatic Tracking Journal

Once in a while, and we all do it at one point or another, where you find yourself asking “What did my last weekend consist of?” or “Which restaurant did I eat at last week?” And it’s normal to think about things like that, but it’s normal to not always remember. This is where the Rove App comes in handy. Rove basically takes the GPS data from your iPhone and creates a full record, like a journal of exactly where you’ve been. It literally turns your daily log into a real journal. It’s totally automatic, once you turn on the app, it starts working in the background.

The Rove app keeps track of your photos, movement and places and puts them all together in a cool looking timeline view. It also has a map in the timeline and shows details in miles, type of transportation, time, major destinations and more. You can even zoom in on your man to see where exactly you went and explore your timeline. There’s an option to add in notes to any automatic entry.

rove 2

Version 2.0 of the app was released in the App Store and it came with quite a few enhancements which include a “memory feed”. It lets you save certain ‘memories’ from the life log. There’s also a new design and layout and is said to drain less of your battery power, as it is running in the background. One thing that make the Rove app completely unique is the fact that it combines the services of many other apps into just one app and it essentially requires virtually nothing from you: it does all the work on its own.

An app like this can only be understood by using it. Let it run for about a week and check out the activity it displays. You can go back and see what you did or get the name of a place you visited: it’s like taking a very detailed picture of your life and recording it. No one has time to sit down and write journal about places they visited and what they did: we are in the electronic age. And the Rove app is a perfect alternative solution to that. You can download this app completely free of charge, so you have no excuse for not giving it a try. It is always interesting to watch you own personal log, you can download the Rove App from the App Store and start your automatic journal.

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