Rumors: God of War 2018 Release Date in March, Details About Story, Axe, Kratos Son

Last year Sony said it was planning to release God of War for PlayStation. The announcement was cheered by millions of PlayStation lovers who couldn’t wait to get their hands on one of the best games of our times. God of War for PlayStation is coming in 2018. Sony has launched the trailer of God of War 2018. Have a look:

God of War 2018 Release Date

Regarding God of War 2018 release date, Sony said the game will be released “early” 2018. However, we believe the game will be released in June or July, mainly because several Amazon users have received an email in which they were notified to place a pre-order for the game that will be available in July. This has been confirmed by several Reddit users.

Also, if not June or July, Sony will release God of War 2018 in March.

God of War 2018 Story, Graphics, Axe

Kratos is coming back in God of War. He has an epic beard and body. The game play shows that God of War is based on character development. A very passionate and human side of Kratos is shown in the upcoming game, as he trains his son, and urges him to become dispassionate and strong to survive in this world.

Who is Kratos Son

Kratos son’s name is Atreus. While he keeps getting condescended and bossed by his hardy father in the game, he isn’t completely an extra baggage.  He is smart, and warns Kratos about certain threats. He is also good at reading.  In Greek mythology, Atreus was the grandson of Zeus.

Kratos’ primary weapon in God of War 2018 is his deadly axe. The game is and beautiful landscape; forests that are full of snow, and mythical dragons and monsters. The location is still based on that of ‘Norse Mythology’. The location of the game is not a specific place. It’s a mishmash of maps and a work of impeccable imagination.


The hero can collect resources, upgrade his skills and get more energy. God of War 2018 has a nice third person camera which gives a more realistic look to the unfolding events.



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