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Moto 360 Specs and Release Date

by Fahad Saleem

Moto 360 Specs and Release Date

The news about the ambitious smartwatch by Motorola, Moto 360, has been leaked by the company for the lovers of smart watches who would be impatient to wear them on their hands. This smartwatch will certainly give a tough time to the Google’s Android wearable. At the moment, Moto 360 is completely stealing the show with the rumors about its features and specifications.

The amazing smartware of Motorola has a unique circular watch face. It is pretty different from the square shaped displays like other watches. Its release date is rumored to be July.

At the Google IO 2014 next month, Moto 360 will stand in competition with the Pebble Steel and Samsung Gear 2. The all-metal Moto 360 is brilliant in its design with more sophisticated outlook as compared to its competitors.

It is paired with the customizable leather as well as metal straps that are totally compatible with the requirements of the 21st century wrists. Moto 360 is looking to answer Google about the inevitable Apple’s iWatch.

Moto 360 contains OLEDs that consume as much as 40% less power when they display black images as compared to LCDs because they can easily turn off individual pixels. The opposite is also true for the white backgrounds that drain the battery. The battery life is very important since nobody would like to change the device before the day is out.

moto 360 2

The company is still shy about the revealing the official specs of the device though. This might be due to the fact that the low power consuming devices have their internals on the lower side. It is quite probable that Moto 360 would have low processing capabilities and RAM.

One of the most amazing features of Moto 360 is that it can be worn on either hand owing to the flexibility in its design. It also has a classic knob on one side of the watch. The UI can be easily flipped around so that the knob always points towards your elbow.

Whether the Moto 360 is worn on your right or left hand, it is vulnerable to the everyday scratches and dings. It could easily drop like smartphones causing some damage to it. The screen of the watch must be protected against external damage by using Gorilla glass or some other protective material. Sapphire glass might be more suitable since it has four times more hardness as compared to Gorilla glass.

You will not find any port on it for charging the battery of the smartwatch. It has a secret charging method that most probably involves the magnetic induction. The back of the watch has a strange kind of purple backing that could be used for the popular Qi charging method.

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