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Running Mac in Safe Mode for Troubleshooting Problems

by Fahad Saleem

Running Mac in Safe Mode for Troubleshooting Problems

From your experience of Windows operating systems, you can easily recall that you need to boot the OS in Safe Mode for fixing the issues properly. The same rule applies to the Mac also. Your Mac might be suffering from some problems that require troubleshooting for restoring its normal operation. The Mac could be the victim of many malfunctions such as corrupt data and applications, damaged files and fonts, constant freezing and crashing of applications. With the help of Safe Mode, the Mac runs with only minimal extensions, fonts and preferences.

Safe boot is the feature with which an operating system is forced to start with minimum applications. Safe mode is the condition in which that operating system runs when the safe boot is initiated. This article explains how to initiate safe boot on Mac and then enabling safe mode on it.

mac os x 2

How to Initiate Safe Boot on Mac?

  • Shut down your Mac if it is running.
  • You need to press and hold the Shift key before pressing the Power button.
  • When you power on your Mac, you still need to hold the Shift key.
  • Continue to hold the Shift key until you see the login screen that appears after a few minutes. You will observe the progress bar under the Apple logo while starting up.
  • Now, you are ready to initiate Safe Mode on Mac. Login with your credentials and you will see the “Safe Boot” in red at the top right corner of the login screen. This is the verification that you have performed the Safe Boot successfully.
  • Now, fix the issues that are hindering the performance of your Mac. When you are done, shut down your system and restart again.

You will be able to boot your Mac normally once you have fixed the problems correctly. In this way, you are able to remove all the issues of the operating system by performing a simple trick to initiate safe mode on Mac. You need to boot the OS in safe mode for overcoming the unwanted issues.

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