Russian Hacker claims he hacked 32 million Twitter accounts and is selling information online

The dust has settled on the news of security breaches on LinkedIn and Myspace; it now emerges that Twitter could be the latest victim. A Russian hacker is claiming he procured a cache with information about hundreds of millions of Twitter accounts and is selling them online.

It was only last month that hundreds of millions of user accounts on LinkedIn and Myspace were leaked online by hackers. The same people responsible for that appalling act also claim responsibility for this Twitter accounts hack.

The hacker, going by the name Tessa88 on Tuesday this week claimed to be in possession of a cache with information on email addresses, passwords, and usernames of some 379 million users. That is according to ZDNet

, but on Wednesday LeakedSource said the number of compromised Twitter accounts was just under 33 million. The latter’s figure is about 10 percent of the total numbers of Twitter’s active monthly users.

For ten bitcoins (about $5,810) you can buy the hacked Twitter accounts information database from Tessa88. The seller also claims to have links to the recently breached data from LinkedIn and Myspace accounts.

This news of hacked Twitter accounts information being sold online comes barely days after Facebook Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg Facebook account was hacked. In response to this news of hacked Twitter accounts information being sold online, Twitter had the following to say:

If you have been putting off changing your Twitter password, this should be the best time to do so. Even if you changed yours just recently, it is better to be safe than sorry, so you as well should change your password. This hack could be a hoax but is it really worth taking chances?

Felix Omondi

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