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Rwanda Is Better Than Each G8 Country When It Comes To Gender Equality

Rwanda Is Better Than Each G8 Country When It Comes To Gender Equality

Did you know that Rwanda has achieved a more impressive Gender Equality compared to any of the G8 countries?

Well, according to the Global Gender Gap Index (GGGI), Rwanda

stands at position 7 in the world ranking and position 1 in African continent ranking. The research by GGGI also showcased 13 other African countries including Kenya and Mozambique as having a better gender parity when compared to the BRIC

According to research, gender balance strengthens a country’s long-term economic development; thus gender-equality is particularly important when it comes to the development of Africa.

GGGI is an organization that quantifies gender-based equality in areas such as education, economy, health and politics across 142

countries worldwide. Under these four components observations by GGGI, it has emerged that sub-Saharan Africa regions come second place only to North America in terms of gender-equality in Economic Participation and Opportunity.

In the top 10 countries listed by GGGI as having better gender-equality, four sub-Saharan countries have featured. These sub-Saharan countries have surprisingly outperformed other leading world economies like Sweden, Finland and Denmark among other.

Under the Political Empowerment across genders, Rwanda came at 6th place worldwide and 1st place in Africa.

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