– Nigeria’s Peer to Peer Currency Exchange & Transfer Service - Nigeria’s Peer to Peer Currency Exchange & Transfer

Left unchecked and unregulated, currency exchange can fast turn into an illegal real where exploitation is the order of the day. However, if you are in Nigeria and are looking to exchange your Naira for some USD, Euro, or Pound, then is the place for you. is a site that allows a peer to peer currency exchange securely and anonymously. If you have either Dollars, Euro, Pounds or Naira and want to exchange one for the other. All you have to do is sign up at, list your offer for the currency you are looking to exchange; a number of buyers will place their offers. With each offer made by prospective buyers, you get a notification. If you get the offer at which you are willing to exchange your currency, you can then proceed to execute the money.

For security purpose, has an escrow service where both the seller and buyer of currency must upload their money. When they two agree to exchange currency, the money is transferred from their respective escrow accounts to the each other. For more details on the currency exchange on, click here.

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