Safaricom Picks Ericsson To Upgrade Its Network

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Safaricom Picks Ericsson To Upgrade Its Network

Safaricom has signed a multi-year agreement with Ericsson to upgrade and expand its converged mobile network infrastructure. In the agreement, Ericsson is expected to deploy Wi-Fi technology on the Safaricom network for the first time. In addition to expanding and enhancing the MINI-LINK microwave transmission network, that will enable subscribers improve mobile broadband services quality.

The deployment of Wi-Fi will allow the telecom optimize spectrum resources usage while enhancing the 3G services experience and boost broadband app coverage for its subscribers in densely populated areas.

Using Ericsson’s MINI-LINK microwave products and IP portfolio, Safaricom will be able to migrate seamlessly to an all-IP transmission network capable of supporting all future technologies. This will also go a long way in supporting the telecom’s five-year strategy.

Thibaud Rerolle, Director of Technology at Safaricom said, “As we move into an era where the customer experience is re-defining our networks, this development will place us in an optimal position to continue to grow our data footprint, especially in heavily populated areas such as the CBD, in the most cost-efficient manner.”

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