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Samsung acquires Opera Max app from Opera to make it into the Samsung Max

by Felix Omondi
samsung max

Opera Software created the first widely loved mobile browser Opera Mini, for users big on saving their data. Opera Mini compresses web pages to enable you to browse more while using data. The firm, now owned by a consortium of Chinese firms, has recently released a VPN, data compressing, and ad blocker app all in one standalone app Opera Max.

Opera Max quickly rose to become popular, getting as much as 500,000 installs. But for whatever reason, Opera last year announced its closure. At the time, the company in a press statement wrote:

Opera has now decided to discontinue Opera Max. The product had a substantially different value proposition that our browser products and represented a different focus for Opera. We, therefore, focus on our browsers and other upcoming services.”

Today, Samsung announced that they have stepped up and acquired the deprecated Opera Max app from Opera, and turned it into Samsung Max. Users who have the Opera Max installed on their devices will get an update that will change it to Samsung Max.

Bad News

Opera Max was available to all Android devices, its successor, the Samsung Max, as the name suggests will be available to Samsung devices only. Seounghoon Oh, the VP of Samsung R&D Institute in India in a statement said:

At Samsung, we’ve been committed to creating inclusive data saving and privacy protection services for all our devices. Because of this, we are now introducing Samsung Max to our mid-range devices as an exclusive and unique service that sets Samsung devices apart from the rest of the smartphone market.”

How much did Samsung pay for the deprecated Opera Max?

There is no official communication on how much Samsung paid for their fancy new Samsung Max app, but given the fact, Opera had already deprecated Opera Max. I would guess Samsung did not have to pay that much; though there is no official communication on the same.

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