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Samsung Banking On The Growing 4G Network In Kenya To Grow Sales

by Milicent Atieno
Samsung Banking On Increasing 4G Network In Kenya To Grow Sales

Of the 21.5 million Internet users in Kenya, 99% of these users are on their smartphones. That is according to a report by the Communications Authority of Kenya. Samsung is keenly looking to leverage on the increasing number of Internet users in Kenya. Most of whom, are increasingly preferring mobile devices to access the Internet as opposed to conventional devices like desktop PCs and laptops.

Samsung is also increasing the number of 4G LTE devices it has in the offering to the East African market. This market is poised to have increased penetration of 4G network, as more and more users look for faster ways to connect to the Internet.

In Kenya, mobile service carriers like Airtel Kenya and Orange are said to be working on deploying 4G networks to their subscribers. A move that will increase demand for 4G smartphones and tablets; and this is the expected 4G-enabled smartphones demand that Samsung is looking to take advantage.

Mobile data subscription is growing at a fast pace especially among the millennials. Fast and reliable data will, therefore, be a key consideration when this demographic makes their next smartphone purchase. Samsung is, therefore, gearing itself to provide quality and affordable 4G-enabled devices in 2016,” said Jung Hyn Park, VP, and MD of Samsung Electronics East Africa Ltd.

Our new Galaxy A Series, which comes with a wide range of choices including A3, A5 and A7, are not only focuses into giving Kenyans the best Android functionalities but also unmatched Internet experience via their 4G capabilities.”

In the past two years, there have been a number of OEMs to enter the East African market, such as Infinix, Wiko, Innjoo, and Micromax among others. However, Park confidently says that Samsung has been able to maintain its market leader position despite these new entrants.

We have maintained the number one position in volume and value across all quarters in 2015, with the J-Series model receiving tremendous uptake.”

For the year 2015, Samsung Galaxy J1, J5, and J7 had a good run in the market due to their large screen and quality camera; particularly for the selfie functions. The J-series also offers mid-range devices with the option of 4G connectivity.

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