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Samsung Confirms There Might Be ‘Camera Failure’ Problems In Some Of The S5 Units

by Fahad Saleem

samsung galaxy camera issueSamsung Confirms There Might Be ‘Camera Failure’ Problems In Some Of The S5 Units

Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the best smart phones at the moment. It has almost anything a smart phone user would require. A large display accompanied with fast processors. The main feature that attracted people towards this new device was the phone’s 16-megapixel camera. It also has the capability to shoot a 4K video which is amazing. But now several weeks have passed since the device was officially launched and now Samsung has claimed that there might be camera problems in some of their S5 devices. Samsung has stressed again and again that this problem is found in only a handful of their units. But although the problem might occur in a handful of devices, the phone would most probably be replaced with a different device.

It is really bad for a phone that problems have started to emerge just weeks after its launch. Now some of the people might be reluctant whilst buying the device. Major bugs have not reported about the device which is again a good thing. These type of problems occur sometimes in new devices and the companies are always willing to replace the problematic devices.

How do you know that your device has the camera problem? Well Samsung claims that the user will be displayed a message which will say “Camera Failure”. After you see this notification, you wouldn’t be able to use the phone’s camera. The only way now to use the camera is to get it replaced from the company. Samsung has claimed that there is no apparent cause of the camera failure and that it might only occur in some devices.

People who have bought the device from Verizon Wireless will encounter more problems. The Verizon Wireless Twitter page tweeted “Warning: Camera Failed” please contact @VZWsupport & we’ll work to resolve it, including replacing the device. The Galaxy S5 has broken previous records made Galaxy S4 in terms of sales and the camera. The S5’s camera is cited as one of the most impressive features.

 The S5 also includes fingerprint sensors along with heart rate monitors. Samsung will hope that there phone’s magnificent sales keep on continuing. With this new camera problem, Samsung are certain that it has only caused some of the devices to malfunction. Samsung has told S5 owners to get their phones repaired whilst their phone is still in warranty.

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