Samsung Flaunts Smart Fridge Pics Online Before The #CES2016 Kick Off

Samsung Flaunts Pics Of Its Smart Fridge Online Before #CES2016 Kick Off

It appears Samsung was itching to show consumers what it has in offering for this year’s CES 2016 Las Vegas Tech Conference; so much so that it couldn’t wait for the official kick off. Samsung posted several pictures of an exceptionally odd looking fridge that some techies have described as a smartphone hybrid refrigerator.

This fridge looks like your typical home fridge but with an imposing Android smartphone-looking display glued on its door. Check out a close up of the buttons found on the front panel of the door. Doesn’t the screen look like a big Android smartphone glued to the door?

Samsung has taken the Internet of Things (IoT) phrase, ‘phone/appliance connection’ quite so literally, and merged a smartphone and a refrigerator into one smart fridge.

Samsung availed all these photos through their Korean Flickr feed, and they are all still images. So what exactly this fridge does remain anyone’s guess. But judging from the interface, to say this fridge will have a calendar, shopping apps, Pandora and weather display, won’t be a crazy thing to think of. Stay tuned for updates on the price, release dates and features as CES 2016 unravels this week.

Here are more pictures of the Samsung smart fridge courtesy of its Korean Flickr feeds.

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