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Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Detailed Review of Specs and Features

Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Detailed  Review of Specs and Features

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is no more a mystery now as the users have finally tried their most anticipated flagship of the year. Samsung released two high-end smartphones in the form of Galaxy Note 4 and its curved brother Galaxy Note Edge in IFA 2014. The Galaxy Note 4 specs typically represent it as a device of new generation. From its 2K screen and powerful Snapdragon 805 innards to its S Pen powers, Galaxy Note 4 has enough fascination to attract the smartphone lovers.

This article presents Samsung Galaxy Note review so that you can make your mind for using this latest sensation from Samsung.

High Resolution Screen

The most amazing feature of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is its 2K resolution. The screen-size is still unchanged at 5.7 inches, but 2560×1440 screen resolution that gives it an amazing pixels per inch count of 515. It is slightly lower than that of the G3’s smaller 5.5 in screen. However, it is still higher than most rivals.

Unlike G3 that has an LCD panel, the Galaxy Note 4 uses Samsung’s Super AMOLED display. The results are simply stunning.

Structure and Design

The body of the Galaxy Note 4 has also received a great upgrade. It feels much softer, grippier, and less cheaper than the rear of Note 3. It also contains a Galaxy Alpha-like metal band that is wrapped around the entire body of the device. It lacks the weighty metal feel of the HTC One M8, but it is still quite superior to its predecessor.

Powerful Processor

The UK variant of the Galaxy Note 4 is expected to be launched with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor and 3GB of RAM that makes it one of the most powerful smartphones ever. The new chip of Qualcomm is quite beefy that would transform the Galaxy Note 4 into an Oculus Rift like VR headset.

Enhanced Battery Life

The Qualcomm 805 processor is not only powerful, but also very efficient. Hence, it would allow your battery to power your device for a significantly large period as compared to the predecessor of Note 4.

High Resolution Camera

The Galaxy Note 4 specs are incomplete without the camera resolution and other properties. In addition to offering more pixels of 16MP as compared to the 13MP camera in Note3, the latest flagship of Samsung also offers optical image stabilization technology. The pictures appeared to be quite sharp and detailed.

S Pen: Better than Ever

The S Pen feature returns with amazing new features. It comes with twice the sensitivity than before, and also provides the new fountain pen and calligraphy pen options. The writing feels quite natural. The pressure, speed, and tilt of the device affect the thickness and opacity of the virtual on-screen ink in a totally natural manner.

This article presented the specs and features of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 briefly. The Galaxy Note 4 review should persuade you to buy this sensational device from Samsung.

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