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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Specs and Photos Leaked

by Fahad Saleem

There seems to be no end in sight for Samsung smartphones’ popularity. As people anxiously await the new phones from the smartphone marker, which is close to beating Apple in global phone sales, a number of leaks have revealed Galaxy Note 7 photos. Recently, more than one news source which cited Samsung’s manufacturers inside sources showed Galaxy Note 7 photos online, and the internet is going berserk ever since.

Galaxy Note 7 Photos Leaked: Specs and Release Date

The first series of Galaxy S7 leaked photos were directly from the famous phone leaker, Evan Blass, whose photos show that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be available in four colors: Black, Blue Coral, Silver Titanium and Black Onyx. And, Note 7 will have “Edge” shape, curved from the sides, as we started seeing from the S6 phones.

Image: EvLeaks

Image: EvLeaks

Image: EvLeaks

Image: EvLeaks

Look closely. The photos not only show a dazzling shooter, they also tease a small Iris scanner, just besides the camera. This means that Samsung is up to something big this time. Iris scanner will be used for Samsung Pay, security locks and person-specific, lens based phone security.

Another credible source which makes phone cases has revealed a detailed Galaxy Note 7 design. And guess what? This design shows that Samsung has put a USB Type-C port in Galaxy note 7. This means that things will get insanely interesting in the upcoming phablet.

Image: Olixar

Image: Olixar 

Note 7 Specs

Here is a recap of Galaxy Note 7 specs and release date: The phablet is expected to be launched in the start of August. Samsung has skipped Note 6 in order to catch-up and synchronize with its Galaxy S7 series number. Note 7 is expected to have a new color (blue), a new USB port, Iris scanner and many other exciting features.

Note 7 Software

The best part which has put the Samsung fans on their heels is that Note 7 will have a completely new software. The name of the software is Grace UX, a brand new and interactive design and software version of Android, made by Samsung to beat its Android competitors. Grace UX will be a revamped version of TouchWiz which Samsung currently deploys in its smartphones.

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image: PCAdvisor

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