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Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Date and Specs Leaked Online

by Fahad Saleem

Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Date and Specs Leaked Online

Samsung is looking forward to the next major flagship in the market after releasing Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge. The rumors about the upcoming Samsung’s flagship, which will be most probably called as Galaxy 6, have started appearing now. This article will focus on the possible Samsung Galaxy S6 specs, and its release date.

The rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S6 specs have been surfaced by SamMobile. Samsung has now adopted the start-from-scratch approach for the flagship Android smartphones. These devices carry the codename of “Project Zero”.

Display and Screen

The Samsung Galaxy S6 will contain Quad HD 2560×1440 display. The screen size of Galaxy S6 is not confirmed as yet. According to an estimate, the size will be around 5.2-inches, considering the previous models in the lineup. However, Samsung has hoped that it would release the devices with 4K resolution in the next year. The company is slightly slower in increasing the size of the screens. It won’t be surprising to see Galaxy S6 following the trend. If Samsung could shrink the bezels somehow, then the large size would be easily achieved without increasing the footprint of the phone.

samsung galaxy s 6

There has been an outside chance the Samsung will introduce the flexible display technology in the future, which has been speculated quite a lot. In Galaxy Note 4, the screen could curve down on one side, indicating the possibility of flexible display.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Hardware

It is hoped that Galaxy S6 will contain metal frame with the polycarbonate rear similar to that of Galaxy S5. Galaxy S6 may even be thinner as compared to Galaxy S5. The metallic hardware will assign good finish to the overall look and feel of Galaxy S6.

Operating System

Although, Samsung is building its own Tizen operating system, yet Galaxy S6 will most probably stick to the Android. It would contain Android L since it would have arrived many months before the release of Galaxy S6. It would run the Samsung Touchwiz on the top to make sure that the users are not annoyed by the simplistic looks of Android L. The overall feel of the interface will be sleeker.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Date

It is difficult to predict the exact release date of Galaxy S6 now. However, it is expected to make the markets in the later parts of the first quarter of 2015.


The rumors and leaks about Galaxy S6 have started popping out now. This article discussed the Samsung Galaxy S6 release date and other specs. In the light of preview, Galaxy S6 would be a highly attractive, powerful, and elegant smartphone of the next generation.


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