Fix Mute Symbol in Text Message for a Certain Contact in Samsung Galaxy, other Android Phones

A lot of Samsung Galaxy S6 users have reported a weird issue in which they keep seeing a mute symbol over the time of the text message they received from a certain contact. The problem is not limited to the mute symbol on a text message to a contact. A user no longer gets notifications for messages or calls after this mute symbol appears. In this article I will tell you a quick fix using which you can get rid of this mute symbol in texts in Android and start getting normal notifications for calls and messages.

Open the text message thread of the contact which has the problem. Click on the arrow pointing down beside the phone number on the top left in order to open the conversation settings.

Now you should change the notification setting. If the setting selector is grey that means that one is muted.

That’s it. This would fix the mute symbol on text message for a certain contact issue in Galaxy phones in Android. If you are unable to fix the problem with the method, tell us in the comments and we will be back with another solution.

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