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Samsung Galaxy S8 launching March 29th; it could be the Fastest Android Phone Ever

Damn, Samsung needs a miracle to save face after the Galaxy Note 7 (phone-grenade) fiasco! They need to make a strong comeback, one that will make us all forget Note 7 even ever happened. Could the Samsung Galaxy S8 set to come out on April 21 be enough to save the South Korean tech giant’s face?

Rumors are doing round, and if they turn out to be true. Then Samsung is taking no chance with the Galaxy S8. It is going to be a head-turner. There has been a leak (of course there’s one, and there would be no surprise if it is by design by Samsung itself to stir up interest and excitement), which reveals the specs, storage space, variant, and accessories among other information about the Galaxy S8.

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Unlike its predecessor the Galaxy S6 and S7, which both came in two variants of flat screen and dual-edge screens. The Galaxy S8 completely does away with the flat screen and instead will offer variants in terms of display sizes. There are two rumors indicated two different screen variants; one rumor says it will be a 5.7- and 6.2-inch display, while the other says it will be a 5- and 6-inch display.

The rumors say the display will be so big that it will take up virtually the phone’s entire front. To the extent, there will be no space for the Samsung logo at the front, not even at the top or bottom bezel. The fingerprint sensor too has been relocated to the back.

 The rumors also say the S8 camera will be similar to the S7’s camera; it will have a duo-pixel setup that give shots with high quality even in low lighting conditions. The camera will also have a new technology called Bixby, which will enable the camera to identify objects from the frame.

The Galaxy S8 will come with 64GB inbuilt storage space but can be expanded via a microSD to up to 256GB. Thankfully, the 3.5mm audio jack is still there. Galaxy S8 is also being said will come with a number of accessories that will turn it into a mini-Android PC upon the user’s wish. There is also a new service dubbed DeX, which allows the S8 to connect to a monitor, keyboard and other peripheral devices. It will also come with the USB Type-C port and a newer version for the Samsung’s Gear VR headset. Galaxy S8 will also be launched alongside the Gear 360 camera.

Forbes also reports that Samsung has inked an exclusive deal with Qualcomm to use its entire stock of the latest Snapdragon 835 chip. A chip said to be the most powerful mobile processor currently available in the market.

All the above are just rumors and leakages, but from a reliable source whose rumors often turn out to be true. That said, you should expect the Samsung Galaxy S8 to go on sale on April 21st, 2017. The launch date is said will be March 29th.

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