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Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+ owners can now try out Android Oreo beta program

by Felix Omondi
android oreo

Do you own a Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone? If yes, you might want to try out the new program by Samsung dubbed the Galaxy S8 Oreo beta. As you have probably deduced from the name, this program is about an early release of Android Oreo on Galaxy S8 devices. Samsung is planning to roll out an Android upgrade to all Galaxy S8 devices and is currently running a beta program to iron out any bugs (if any) before availing the upgrade to everyone.

As with any beta program, there comes some level of risks. Your device might be unstable, freezing, and perhaps even some security holes. So you must be prepared for such experiences when you decide to jump into this Galaxy S8 Oreo beta program.

That said, Samsung says that this program will give Galaxy S8 owners the new Samsung Experience 9.0 Beta, “following Samsung Experience version 8.5, which was released with the Galaxy Note 8, Samsung Experience 9.0 is based on the latest version of the operating system built on the Android Oreo UI and UX, and will be available on the next flagship Galaxy device.”

However, the Galaxy S8 Oreo beta program is currently limited to just three markets; U.K., U.S., and South Korea. There is a chance that more countries will be enrolled soon, although that is yet to be confirmed by Samsung. Other than that limitation, all Galaxy S8 and S8+ devices are eligible.

How to enroll in the Galaxy S8 Oreo beta program

You need to sign up for Samsung Account and also install the Samsung Members app on your Galaxy S8 and S8+ devices.

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